Alice shirt with belt

kr1 730,00

My parents were a big fan of Alice in wonderland, therefore my name. Luckily I’ve turned out to be pretty fun, curious and adventurous just like the character. Usually, the older you become the more you get stuck in certain frames while the lively imaginary mind you had when you’re a child will fade. But it doesn’t have to be like that as long as you have an open mind. Everything is made up by our own thoughts, so my best way to not constrain myself is to not force thinking at all, but just following my instincts. I believe that the only obstacles exist in our mind. Alice is a strategist, not a surprise right? She loves all the new projects and entering new markets. Key words: Sharp and open minded.  Alice shirt has got a sharp belt with buckle in the waist, but can be worn without the belt as well. The style is slightly shorter and will look great with high waist trousers.

Normal in size. 100% cotton.