Emma ruffled shirt

kr1 750,00

Head high, back straight and walk with confidence. We become who we believe we are so only by believing ourselves others will do too. I’ve been told that I’m a pretty stubborn girl who likes the good life and stands for my values. I don’t see any wrong with that but of course occasionally I come across different minded people who definitely challenge me. Emma has always had strong opinions, reading too many books maybe? But also a harmless pretty girl that tries to do whats right for the society. Oh yes, she longs for romance too, but in the meantime very bad at opening up her heart. Deep down we all know her desire, she just wants some old fashion romance… The Emma shirt looks just as good tucked in a shirt or with a pair of trousers. The frills on the arms, neck and the cuffs brings us back to the old 17th century English country side with Jane Austen and her strong characters.

Normal in size. Should be a bit oversized. 100% cotton.