Isabell Bow Tie Shirt

kr1 720,00

Oh no it’s the alarm again. I was just having that beautiful dream of me and that Prince charming. okay let’s snooze, try to revoke the dream! Overslept again. Traveling is much fun due to all the new people I meet and places to see but I do have to admit that my platinum Star alliance card have made my days very blurry and hectic… Since I’m always on the go, I prefer my wardrobe to be multifunctional. Plane, work, meetings, after work, dinner, drink. The Isabell bow tie shirt covers it all. Tie it like a bow to look more professional and lady like, let the straps hanging for the casual after work look and not to mention the interesting cuffs that makes you yet classic but unique. I’m not an all eater, but I like when something can be all wearer.

Isabell shirt is unlike our other shirts, normal in size.

100% cotton