The White Shirt

It’s 7 in the morning and you’re standing in front of the wardrobe, half-awake, trying to choose the outfit of the day. Obviously, there’s nothing exciting enough, albeit the wardrobe is undeniably abundant with clothing. It feels as if thousands of iterations with buttoning and pulling fabrics on and off. Repeatedly. And after a while of hesitation – whether it’s because of laziness or just lack of inspiration, we eventually put on a shirt – the saviour of the day. Today, the timeless, classy, and crispy white shirt has become one of the ‘must-have’ basic items in most wardrobes all over the world. A white shirt has a magical way of lightening up a person’s appearance and draw attention to the face. No wonder it has existed since 3000 BC…

A Statement Shirt

A shirt should be a statement piece, not just a backup plan in the morning, but a backup plan that shows personality as well as being exciting, comfortable, and nevertheless timeless. Hence, SLEEK atelier aims at designing a select range of crispy shirts in different styles. Whether you prefer large sleeves, an open back, or a boyfriend cut, we are hoping to make your everyday look even more special by working with details, lines, and new patterns.


We don’t just want to give you a cool new shirt, but also the very best quality in material and making. We give you a super fine 100% cotton garment, statement collars and cuffs, and highly professional workmanship. Our goal is to match quality with price and thereby provide you with an affordable alternative where quality is prioritized over low costs. As we are aiming at being as transparent as one can be, we hope that you identify the true value in owning a SLEEK atelier shirt.

Premium cotton

All SLEEK atelier shirts are made of 100% premium quality cotton. The high thread count produces a fine, silky fabric that is light, breathable and yet structured and easy to care for.

Double reinforced collar & cuffs

The shirts feature double-layered collars and cuffs reinforced with a cloth interface, which keeps a firm and crisp structure even after prolonged wear and wash.


Natural mother-of-pearl buttons decorate the shirts and give a luxurious shine. All buttons are custom made with increased thickness and engraved with SLEEK atelier’s logo.

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