Diana butterfly shirt

kr1 720,00

Surprise! There’s so much you don’t know about me. I can be conservative and classy but I have other sides as well. So don’t start judging me because that’s not how it works, as a matter of fact, it won’t work on anyone because personalities are not black and white. You never know how fun the person might be before seeing more sides to them. Today, Diana chose the Butterfly shirt, a shirt that is classic in the front but fun and exiting in the back. Don’t wait for me to turn my back for you to realize how fun I am, because then it’s already too late, I’m walking away. Lesson one, dare to take risks! The Diana shirt can be styled with wide leg trousers or more slimmed ones. For high waist bottoms, stick the shirt in the front. Size S. Length 70,5cm. Arm length 60cm. Chest 104cm. Shoulder width 39cm.