Ariel shirt

kr1 720,00


I love fairytales! I used to watch all the princess movies and guess who I admired the most? Ariel the mermaid. As long as I remember, the water has always been my second home. I grew up in fisherman’s town and believe it or not, I can name almost 400 living species in the ocean. After uni I moved to the big city for work and despite how much I love the city, I do miss my home town. It’s just something about the place you grew up in that will always be special no matter how much you once wanted to leave. Just because I believe in happy endings and like fairytales doesn’t mean I behave like a princess. I’m a hard working girl trying to reach my dream in the city and so far so good! Just waiting for my Prince charming to swipe me off my feet! 

Ariel shirt is normal in size. It’s not suppose to be loose fit so if you prefer a loose fit feeling, please take a size bigger. The shirt has one arm open and one covered. Match with a skirt or trousers to the summer dinners and parties!