We all have a dress shirt. Whether we’re preparing for work, travel or a day with friends, it’s a safe choice and a timeless classic. At SLEEK atelier, we also see it as a form of expression – a way of showing who you are in a subtle, stylish way. That’s why our shirts are available in a range of different styles with attention to detail and quality, allowing you to find the one that suits you.

Cuff shirts that will keep you sharp

The quality of our shirts will ensure that you both feel and look good all day. Sown from 100% premium quality cotton and with double reinforced collars and cuffs, our shirts’ make will keep them looking crisp and clean throughout the day.

We believe that our shirts are the sum of many parts. That’s why we seek to maintain our high attention to detail, including a high thread count that keeps them light and breathable and custom made mother-of-pearl buttons with increased thickness and engraved with SLEEK atelier’s logo.

While we aim to make our shirts affordable, we prioritize quality over low costs and never compromise the standards of our work. When you buy a SLEEK atelier shirt, you are buying a product that emanates quality – even after prolonged wear and wash.

Here you can see our Anna cuff shirt in white.

Celebrate success with our knot shirts

It’s important to look sharp at your workplace, but at SLEEK atelier we also believe in making a statement on your days off. When you need to unwind or celebrate success, our knot shirts are ideal. They provide a casual yet sharp option for your trip to the beach or night out while being so comfortable you won’t even realize you’re wearing them.

Available in blue, white and pinstripes, our knot shirts can be used for whatever occasion you see fit, and just like our other products, their breathtaking details will give you the effortlessly stylish look that we all yearn for.

Here you can see our Caroline knot shirt in blue.

The statement shirt – A subtle statement

At SLEEK atelier, simplicity and subtlety are priorities. We believe in expression through detail, which is why our shirts employ classic and timeless colors and patterns. In classy hues of white, blue and black, they will be noticed not for their extravagance but for their quality. With custom made mother-of-pearl buttons, intricately woven threads and crisp collars and cuffs, you will look sharp – all day, every day.

With their laidback yet classic look, our shirts can be used for any occasion, and you will find yourself throwing them on more often than not when in doubt in the morning. They’re a safe option that will always put out a statement: That you care about quality, about staying sharp and about expressing yourself.

We know that this can’t be done with a shirt that is anything less than perfect. That’s why we offer repairs, replacements or refunds for products that do not meet our high standards. If you receive a defect shirt, please don’t hesitate to contact us.