Lovisa Flared shirt (LIMITED)

kr1 130,00

Every girl has a cheesy dream to someday be swept off her feet. A scenario where everything around doesn’t matter, but the one in front of you. Your cheeks are starting to blush from how he’s dazing on you just for a millisecond longer, and your stomach is suddenly filled with those small butterflies that you thought never would arise. What a 360 degrees of love! The summer is full of flirtatious opportunities and Lovisa is one of those whose vacation won’t disappoint. From strolling around on the streets of Milan with a scoop of gelato to the crystal clear water in Santorini. Will she meet him? As the vivid person she is, of course she’s wearing her 360 degrees flounced shirt. Girlish, sensuell and no less flirtatious, the perfect vacation shirt! Live your life as it was your last day! 

Lovisa shirt is normal in size. 100% cotton. LIMITED EDITION!