Josefin wrap dress

kr1 750,00

Every summer me and my boyfriend visit two new countries. This vacation we went up in the air. Not the air plane but the air ballon! A dream come true seeing that amazing view and on top of that, he proposed!  I made it a hard time for him though since I didn’t really understood his intention until he finally bursted out: I’m trying to propose! The immediate tears and chock, I felt like the happiest girl on the planet! The man in front of me, who also started crying, was going to be stuck with me forever! This was a vacation to remember and I cannot forget what I wore, the blue shirt dress with dramatic flounced arms.  Indeed the perfect outfit to be proposed in.  

Josefin dress is designed with dramatic arms, shorter in style and is great for summer vacation, work or dinner occasions. Style with any type of shoes, because they will all make a good outfit. It’s a wrap and therefore adjustable in the waist. True to size.