Bianca Shirt


If there was any contest for being best dressed at school or work, I would probably be the winner, or at least one in the top. But this stays between us right? The secret of being stylish is to dress simple. It’s about the details and the structures. So for me, I’ve never had any difficulty in the morning since choosing outfit comes naturally when minimal style requires 1.essentials and 2.accessories. It all comes down to owning pieces that works in all situations, and my Bianca shirt is a great example of such a piece. Whether I feel like wearing skirt or trousers, at day or night, work or leisure time I always get it right. You can see it as a safe card, but for me I’m just being best dressed. 

Bianca shirt has dropping shoulders, wider and slightly shorter than other shirts to fit good with skirts as well. The shirt has pleated cuffs to create volume of the arm. The arms are longer than normal for the dramatical effect. True to size. (oversized)